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"Providing expert commercial and house demolition and support services in Austin, San Antonio and South Texas for over 50 years"


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JR RAMON will come to your site in San Antonio and surrounding areas to crush aggregate product into a variety of sizes and specifications. We bring the right tools to ensure the job is efficient, productive and safe - from the expertise of our seasoned, full-time crew to our fleet of highly specialized crushing equipment. As a certified and licensed specialist, JR RAMON also guarantees proper handling and final disposal of debris. On-site crushing is an easy, convenient and effective solution, for you and the environment.


140 million tons of concrete are recycled each year.* JR RAMON practices conservation of natural resources, energy, and landfill space. We recycle and resell top-grade aggregate material for use in the construction of commercial buildings, bridges, roadways, and more. As an active member of the National Demolition Association and Certified TxDot Vendor, our material, performance, and environmental practices are held to the highest standards. While preservation may not be the first word that comes to mind when you think of demolition, at JR RAMON Demolition it’s a critical part of every project we manage.   Among our conservation efforts, we can now recycle 98% of materials (calculated by weight from an average job site).

To learn more about our conservation efforts, see our article in Construction News.

* According to the Construction & Demolition Recycling Association (CDRA)

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I’ve built several subdivisions and roadways with JR RAMON aggregate. It’s top notch and packs better than limestone gravel. My drivers like the convenient location and fast loading. Highly recommend!
— Chester Maples, Owner MGMC

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To see types of aggregate, sizes and best use for each

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To see gradation results and % retained ranges based on sieve sizes and grades

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