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"Providing expert commercial and house demolition and support services in Austin, San Antonio and South Texas for over 50 years"


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Trained personnel certified in waste screening ensure that your community will bear a minimal environmental impact related to hazardous materials in the waste streams. With our ever-growing fleet of debris handling equipment and trained personnel, we are able to mobilize to disaster-affected areas usually within 24 hours. A nationwide network of pre-qualified associates and subcontractors allows us to provide adequate disaster recovery operations for all magnitudes of natural disasters.
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Natural disaster and emergency response

For over 30 years, our demolition company in San Antonio has engaged in many emergency response and natural disaster recovery and clean-up operations of commercial structureshouses and mobile homes. From full house or mobile home demolition to gathering and disposing of debris, our demolition specialists are efficient and affordable. 

We are also well-versed in organizing initial damage assessment consultations and assisting community officials in preparing disaster specific strategies to deal with the overwhelming tasks of debris removal, reduction and final disposition resulting from floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, or ice storms. Following Hurricane Rita in 2008, JR RAMON cleaned up storm debris on more than 1,000 miles of Texas roadway. We were also contracted to clean up after Hurricanes Hugo and Ivan, among others.


Offering a wide range of demolition support services

JR RAMON provides support services for demolition projects. We have completed many site preparation and earthwork projects in conjunction with demolition. Site preparation operations may include mass excavations, subgrade stabilization, building pads, and limited sitework.

Our services

  • Tearing down houses
  • Mobile home demolition
  • Hurricane/flood/storm/fire damaged structure removal
  • Excavating and backfilling
  • Lot clearing
  • Lot Leveling
  • Tree and Brush Removal
  • Environmental Abatement
  • Debris load out and Haul-off
  • Dumpster and disposal service
  • Garage removal
  • Swimming pool removal
  • Concrete slab removal
  • Driveway removal
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Meeting environmental regulations

An in-depth knowledge of environmental regulations ensures compliance with environmental quality regulatory agencies, such as Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Safety and Health Services (DSHS) when performing concrete/rock crushing and processing or installing and maintaining storm water pollution prevention plans.

Environmental abatement

In addition, awareness of hazardous materials and their unfavorable consequences to our environment led us to provide environmental abatement services. Our staff stays abreast of all laws and regulations imposed by regulatory agencies on all levels of government. Proper protocol is followed in the handling and removal of environmental concerns such as asbestos, lead, PCBs, hydrocarbons, freon, silica and any other regulated substances associated with the demolition and decommissioning of commercial and industrial sites and disaster recovery operations.