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“Providing expert house and commercial demolition and support services in San Antonio and Central Texas for over 50 years"


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Free Safety Training classes

In honor of 75 years of service, we want to take this opportunity to thank the San Antonio construction community and give back by offering Free Safety Training classes. This is an open invitation to all construction industry personnel. Limited seating available. To register please call Tina Weeks, Safety Officer, (210) 225-1583. Click below for training dates & topics.

Heavily Bonded And Highly Insured­. Safety Is Our Top Priority.

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Specialists in Commercial Demolition Services

For decades, JR RAMON DEMOLITION has been a pioneering demolition company in San Antonio and the surrounding areas, providing professional demolition services through-out Texas.  Our courteous team of demolition specific estimators, project managers and field personnel will economically offer our unparalleled experience and problem-solving skills with honesty and integrity.  JR RAMON DEMOLITION has amassed the necessary demolition specific tools, equipment, and personnel to accomplish any demolition related project.  From complete removal of structures to selective component removals, interior strip-outs, and even implosions, JR RAMON has the knowledge and know-how to safely accomplish the task.  We are highly bonded, heavily insured and committed to safety.   Having the ability to provide environmental remediation, asset recovery, recycling operations and site preparation/site restoration services makes JR RAMON your best choice for a successful and head-ache free commercial demo projects in San Antonio and Texas.
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Expertise in Turnkey House Demolition in San Antonio

House Demolition Contractor in San Antonio | Ramon Demolition
JR RAMON has demolished more House structures in San Antonio than any other demolition service in the city and surrounding areas.  Whether it is an out-dated multi-story house in the way of new construction,  a fire-damaged house where the concrete foundation needs to be re-used, or a defunct dilapidated structure posing a hazard to the neighborhood, JR RAMON can provide the resources to meet the project need. We have a refined process utilizing all company owned demolition specific equipment and demolition specific trained personnel to maximize the safety and efficiency in the field. Our project estimators and demolition foreman provide the expertise and supervision to ensure the job is completed safely and efficiently, with cost effectiveness, and within the time scheduled.

We conduct a complete analysis of your project to guarantee the right price, secure all required city and state demolition permits, and schedule your demolition project to meet your needs. Find out more about the advantages of using JR RAMON for you House demolition needs.

Meeting the Demolition Needs of a Growing Community and our Government

JR RAMON is the on-call demolition service provider for the City of San Antonio, City of New Braunfels, Texas Department of Transportation, Texas State University and others.  Our expertise in a vast array of Demolition techniques, unmatched fleet of company –owned demolition equipment, and vetted full-time personnel (Background Certified and Senate Bill #9 compliant ) make JR RAMON a reliable provider to any Municipal, State or Federal Project. JR RAMON has successfully performed projects on every military base in Texas, every school district in San Antonio, and over hundreds of roads and bridges in the State. Growing school campuses, bridge replacement projects, and BRAC related activities gives JR RAMON the opportunity to provide our demolition expertise to the communities where we live.  Please contact us for more information about services we provide to City, State and Federal government agencies. 
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Windemere Resort condominium demolition after Hurricane Ivan - Gulf Shores, AL

Providing all the Support to any Demolition Project... even Mother-Nature’s

When your demolition project requires additional support, JR RAMON can become your partner to ensure a successful result.  JR RAMON will provide demolition support services, such as high-reach demolition (up to 10 stories), demolition specific equipment (hydraulic concrete pulverizers, breakers and shears), concrete removal and concrete haul-off  services, roll-off dumpster service, concrete saw-cutting, asbestos abatement, and site preparation/site restoration services.

For over 40 years, JR RAMON has engaged in many emergency response and natural disaster recovery and clean-up efforts.  We are adept at organizing and conducting recovery operations necessary to restore a community quickly and efficiently.  JR RAMON has provided “push-back” assistance to aid emergency first responders access to areas devastated by hurricanes, tornadoes and floods, and followed through with debris gathering, debris disposal, and demolition services of damaged structures to get a community back on its feet.  Read more about our demolition support services and natural disaster.

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