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"Providing expert commercial and house demolition and support services in Austin, San Antonio and South Texas for over 50 years"


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Experience and the knowledge gained are what differentiate JR RAMON from other contractors.

“There are no classes or accreditation that can give a demolition contractor field experience.  Because of our 50 years of experience in the demolition industry, we can offer more to our customers, adding to the overall efficiency of any demolition project.

We perform complete and partial removals of structures, ranging from 10 story buildings to selective removal of components for renovation or expansion.  JR RAMON is based in San Antonio and provides demolition services throughout Austin, San Antonio, and South Texas.
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Our Commercial Demolition services

  • Complete or total mass demolition of structures
  • Disaster recovery and storm debris clean-up
  • Implosions
  • Partial or selective demolition of structures
  • Interior strip-out and gut-outs
  • Asset recovery
  • Concrete slab and foundation removal
  • Site preparation and site restoration
  • Ultra-High reach demolition
  • Multi-story building demolition
  • Steel water tower/tank demolition
  • Concrete water tower/tank demolition
  • Concrete crushing and recycling
  • Metal recycling
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At JR RAMON DEMOLITION, our employees are proud of our quality assurance

We have an impeccable safety and accident prevention record.  Attention to detail in providing protection to the public is paramount.  Our company has never had a fatality or life threatening injury on any project through-out our 75 year history.   A safety orientated company culture is maintained by implementing the necessary safety procedures, safety standards and safety training designed specifically for demolition projects.
Company-wide safety meetings are held weekly to communicate safety issues and concerns to field personnel. In addition, “Tailgate” safety meetings are held at every project prior to any new activity. Safety training, provided by certified safety Instructors, are held quarterly.  All field personnel are required to attend the safety training seminars and participate in our “Zero Tolerance” drug and alcohol program. Every employee receives OSHA 10 Construction Safety Awareness and CPR training, and is subject to a background check to ensure compliance in Senate Bill # 9 and other regulatory legislation.
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